Product Features

A Healthy Back With Vono Mattress

Vono mattress promotes a healthy back. This is possible due to Vono’s attributes:

  • BRITISH TECHNOLOGYVono mattress is developed with advanced British technology, providing proven back support with its unique Intalok Springing System and luxurious sleeping upholstery for healthy and refreshing sleep.

  • INTALOK SPRINGING SYSTEMVono mattress features an exclusive and technologically advanced Intalok Springing System developed with British technology for perfect support and comfort. It is continuous and interlocked, made of high-tensile steel wire of strength up to 250,000 pounds per sq inch, reinforced by stabilizers at the edges, to provide edge back support and sleeping comfort.

  • POCKETED INTALOK SPRINGING SYSTEMPocketed Intalok Springing System takes the Intalok springing system and sleeved into specially stitched pocket, it is arranged in linear channels, able to reduce the disturbance of body movement.

  • ANTI-DUST MITE TREATMENTThe fabrics of Vono mattress have been specially treated for protection against house dust mites. It reduces allergens, thus helping to minimize the risks of asthma, eczema and rhinitis. It also improves hygienic standards and reduces unpleasant odours. The fabrics are imported and are of Jacquard Damask quality.

  • 15 YEARS’ WARRANTYVono mattress comes with 15 years’ warranty; a testimony of confidence on the quality of Vono products. It is built to last. A new Vono mattress is an investment in the active lifestyle.

  • SANITIZED JACQUARD DAMASK FABRICThe fabrics of Vono mattress are sanitize-treated to prevent mattresses from mould and being infested by bacteria and fungus.

  • ANTI-BACTERIAL BAMBOO YARN FABRICBamboo has permanent and natural anti-bacterial properties. It offers 1.5 times higher moisture absorption than cotton. Bamboo fabric has a soft hand, a cool touch and a natural, silky luster and it is very environmental friendly. Bamboo yarns weave or knit a very breathable textile, its excellent moisture control keeps you comfortable and fresh while sleeping on it.

  • FIRMALATOR INSULATING LAYERExtra-dense polyester needle loomed felt pad provides thorough and even weight support through the entire mattress, so user will not feel the springs.

  • VENTILATORThe additional Vono ventilators provide ventilation in the mattress. Allowing fresh air to ventilate the mattress for cool sleeping comfort.

  • EDGE STABILIZERHigh-tensioned torsion steel bars are placed around the edges of the mattress to strengthen the overall edge support, and widen the sleeping area.

  • CORPORATE MEMBER OF BACKCARE, THE NATIONAL ORGANISATION FOR HEALTHY BACKS, UK.As a corporate member of Backcare, The National Organization For Healthy Backs, UK., Vono receives periodical information from this professional association in order to produce products that provide the necessary postural qualities, including proper back alignment, that result in healthy sleep.